3 Highly Effective SEO Tips


The Following are 3 Highly Effective Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Tips to help you increase website traffic and attract more customers this year.

Tip #1: Make your site map Optimized

Now we know that what Google actually rank are web pages. The question is, “Are you using every one of your website’s pages excellently?”

To achieve this, ensure:

  • the organization of your web pages reflects your keyword strategy
  • don’t just pile up all your products and services on a single
  • create a separate page for each keyword you want to rank for

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Tip #2:  Target keywords are key

Google and other search engines are observing for things that show significance. To achieve this, use the keywords you want to rank for like this:

  • Search each page on your site (just hit Control+F) for the relevant keywords you are trying to rank for. It should appear in the title tag, in the header (H1) and in the body (probably a couple of times for every 500 words).

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Tip #3: Engage and build relationships

One percent of people create the internet, pay close attention to them. Get to know these people, they are your friends (or will be).

Other key tips to note:

  • Don’t just build links, attract links
  • Get to know media companies, podcasters, journalists, video producers, bloggers, blog editors, academic researchers, event producers
  • They need you, you need them. Collaborate and you both win!

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So, there you go, a great head start for those who are just setting out on the SEO journey – or a great reminder for those of us who may have been away from SEO for a while.


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