Finding the best digital marketing agency with the best professionals, skilled and dedicated to helping businesses generate organic leads (the essence of Digital Marketing is Lead Generation) can be puzzling, stressful, and completely overwhelming.

Many businesses have crumbled over the years due to inability to find a suitable Agency that’ll publicize them on the internet.

Though there are over a hundred agencies (probably more) that look like “the right choice”, small businesses are forced to ask the question “how then, do you decipher which is the best choice?”

The first thing you need to figure out is the kind of marketing service your business/brand needs.

What do you need?

Let’s get started by finding out if any of the following meets your need:

  1. Are you considering a new website for your company?
  2. Upgrade or redesign your existing website?
  3. Aim to re-strategize your Internet Marketing plans?
  4. Promote online relevance?
  5. Generate organic leads?
  6. Boost Sales?
  7. Just really haven’t figured out what your aim should be but feel there is something missing?

These questions may appear simple but are very crucial as the very first step in decision making. Once you have figured out a need, the next step is to find a digital marketing agency that’s skilled enough to meet this need.

Find and select a suitable Digital Marketing Agency

The following are tips I personally recommend to help you find and select a suitable Digital Marketing Agency:

  1. The best agencies know the right questions to ask and give suggestions on the best approach to help you achieve your goals. Be observant.
  2. Even if a particular agency hasn’t worked on a project like yours, their portfolio should (at least) be appealing to you.
  3. Communication is Key. Ask questions and find out things you could do yourself.

The tips listed above are the most basic requirements you should look forward to. If a digital marketing agency fails to meet them, you haven’t found the right one.

Just when you think you’ve found the best Agency

There are other important requirements you need to look out for. Just like Abule Graphics, most Digital Marketing Agencies offer services like Web Design and Graphic Design and these services are very important and should be carefully considered when it comes to picking out a suitable agency. The following are list of considerations to help you just when you think you have found a Digital Marketing agency you think you would like to work with.

  1. Is their website appealing and easy to navigate?
  2. Does it tell a story?
  3. Is the use of keywords consistent?
  4. Are the contents original, succinct and insightfully optimized?
  5. What about the graphics?
  6. Do they use keywords that relate to what they do?
  7. What’s their ranking on search engines (based on their niche)?
  8. Is their content Engaging?
  9. Also compare their Website on both Desktop and Mobile to see its responsiveness.

A Digital Marketing Agency’s style as it regards web content and engagement is also very important.


You should feel happy and confident when you find the right one. Also note that the best digital marketing agency will fit your budget and business needs.

NOTE: Every Digital Marketing Agency has very different strategies and each method is unique. Feel free to inquire what strategy an agency is using. If it sounds convincing enough to make you want to take an action, then you have found the BEST ONE.


My suggestion is to follow your instinct and select the agency you think is most suitable to help you publicize your business, product or brand on the internet.

The question I usually ask is- what good is a Digital Marketing Agency that ranks poorly on search engines?

So, make sure you check for their ranking on various search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing).


My name is Eze Erondu, the Creative Director for Abule Graphics which currently ranks #1 for the following results on Search Engines:

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  12. etc


I am also personally responsible for putting some Digital Marketing Agencies (incuding Abule Graphics) based in Abuja, Nigeria on the top spot of search results.

For more information on what i do and how i could best help you meet your business needs, Please comment below.

Also contact us for more helpful advice or perhaps, you believe us to be the right Digital Marketing Agency to help you generate organic leads and get more paying customers.



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Eze Erondu
Eze Erondu

Eze Erondu is a prolific forger of impressive brand identities and a creative Web Designer & Digital Marketer in Nigeria with more than 5 years of experience in delivering result-oriented brand and creative solutions. He takes a holistic approach to brand creation and promotes cohesive identities across physical and digital media.


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