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NDIFREKE atauyo is a graduate of Computer Science, UNICAL, a self-taught web designer, senior digital marketing manager & full-time blogger. He lives in Calabar, Nigeria & writes about Everything on Web Design, Tech, Software, Hosting, SEO, Topical Authority, Content Marketing, Guest Posting, Experts Roundup, PNG Render Images, Ghost Writing, Social Media, Freelance Writing, Affiliate Marketing, Design, Startup, Graphic Designs, Reverse Image Search, Programming, Niche Research & Writing on any topics & niches & how to blog like a startup CEO, etc at bestsoftnigeria.biz/blog, bestsoftnigeria.com & bestsoftnigeria.net You can connect with him on Medium, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest & LinkedIn.

9 Softwares That Every Graphic Designer Should Know


To become a Graphic Designer, you need creativity, ability to come up with great ideas, original concepts and the patience to work on details. If you have these qualities and are skilled or familiar with graphic design programs, then you’ve an exciting career to excel. Amazing Graphic Design Software List for 2019 Nowadays, website owners and users get excited at a visually appealing site. It’s...

…a Digital Marketing Agency

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