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How to Grow your Small Business in Nigeria: Empowering Smartphone users with little or no cash

Local african market scene with happy traders selling, one using his phone to make video call.

I. Introduction As someone who has witnessed the power and potential of small businesses in Nigeria, I can’t stress enough the importance of these enterprises in driving our economy forward. Small businesses play a vital role in creating jobs, fostering innovation, and empowering individuals to pursue their dreams. However, it’s no secret that small businesses face numerous challenges...

Top 5 Web Designers in Abuja — A 2023 Shortlist (Updated)

top 5 web designers in abuja

Websites play a crucial role in driving business growth, making your choice of a web designer or web design agency a critical factor that can either propel or hinder your success. When it comes to your Abuja-based business, it is of utmost importance to hire the finest web designer who can cater to your needs and help you expand your reach, whether you aim to target Nigerian customers or venture...

SSL: Everything you need to know and why you need it

ssl certificate for website

Introduction to SSL I believe that installing an SSL certificate for your website is incredibly important, especially if your website collects data from users. In today’s digital landscape, where online transactions are on the rise, ensuring internet security has become a top priority. It is crucial to protect sensitive information, such as credit card numbers, by transmitting them only to...

Everything you need to know about SEO: FROM NOVICE TO PROFESSIONAL (Part 1)


What is SEO? SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, it is the process of optimizing a website to improve its ranking in search engine results pages (SERPs) for specific keywords or phrases. The goal of SEO is to make a website more visible and easily discoverable by users searching for related products, services, or information. Types of SEO There are two main types of SEO: on-page SEO and...

Grow Your Business and Make More Sales With Social Media (8 Easy Tips)


In Nigeria, Social media has become a very powerful tool for the spread of information on the Internet. Social media platforms are a great tool that every business owner (big or small) is expected to take advantage of if they want to attract the right customers and boost sales. Although there are thousands or probably millions of active users, popular social media platforms like Facebook...

Simple & Free Ways To Promote Your Blogs

how to promote blog on website internet abule graphics content writing marketing abuja nigeria

Are you blogging frequently but aren’t getting the traffic you desire? This is surprisingly a pervasive problem amongst new and aspiring bloggers. And, the most prevalent reason for this is weak promotion or marketing. With the rapid growth of the blogging industry, simply writing and publishing a blog post isn’t enough to gain followers and get it seen by millions of people worldwide...

Helpful Tools to Make Running a Business Easier

Helpful Tools to Make Running a Business Easier

Convenience is a quality that is always in demand. This is all the more true for a modern business owner. You want to find the best ways to reach and market to your audience in an effective manner. Here are some of the best new helpful tools to make running your business easier than ever before. Business Accounting Software Another very important new innovation that you should be making use of is...

Do You Make These Mistakes In Brand Design?


Making mistakes is okay, because otherwise how will we learn? But while a mistake can be an effective teacher, listening to those who’ve already learned their lessons can also help. This way, you learn to avoid the mistakes others have made and can proceed to make your very own ones. Below is a list of 5 logo design-gaffes that we hope you won’t make in your journey. Some of these are from our...

Best 7 Digital Marketing Agencies in Abuja (2021 List)


Digital marketing has persistently transformed how companies (whether big or small) attract paying customers and generate revenue. If you are thinking of hiring a Digital Marketing Agency to help you promote your brand image, boost your company on Google search rankings results, or manage your business accounts on social media platforms, I have put this article together to help you find reliable...

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