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Eze Erondu is a prolific forger of impressive brand identities and a creative Web Designer & Digital Marketer with more than 5 years of experience in delivering result-oriented brand and creative solutions. He takes a holistic approach to brand creation and promotes cohesive identities across physical and digital media.


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“Em… Should i open this Email?” We all ask this question when we are being alerted of a new mail. Now, consider a situation whereby that recipient is a potential customer or even a sponsor, the answer to that question could really determine your revenue growth. “To reply, or not to reply?” What do you think the answer will be? What next action do you think your audience will take? So, obviously...

Best 9 SEO Strategies to Generate more Website Traffic

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Best 9 SEO Strategies to Generate more Website Traffic #1 SEO Tip: Use Popular Keywords Trying to optimize your website with keywords that nobody searches for is a complete waste of time. Search engines like Google calculates the number of times web users didn’t select your listing, and the number of times they returned to the search results to choose a different website. So, you should invest...

3 Highly Effective SEO Tips

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The Following are 3 Highly Effective Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Tips to help you increase website traffic and attract more customers this year. Tip #1: Make your site map Optimized Now we know that what Google actually rank are web pages. The question is, “Are you using every one of your website’s pages excellently?” To achieve this, ensure: the organization of your web pages reflects...

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